Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Mihkel Koel, Lead Research Scientist

Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia (Home Page)

Talk title: Use of neoteric solvents in biomass treatment


Prof. Mojca Bavcon Kralj

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (Home Page)

Talk title: Chasing pollutants concerning public health: from smoke to food


Dr. Bertil Magnusson

Trollboken AB, Sweden (Home page)

Talk title: Measurement Quality in Analysis – guidelines and software tools



Prof. Ülo Niinemets

Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia (Home Page)

Talk title: Role of plant volatiles in atmospheric processes under current and future climates


Prof. Eglė Lastauskienė

Vilnius University, Lithuania (Home Page)

Talk title: Anthropogenic activities and microbial populations: war, peace or adaptation?


Dr. Sigitas Šulčius

Nature Research Centre, Lithuania (Home Page)

Talk title: Importance of viruses in carbon and nitrogen cycles in aquatic ecosystems


Environmental Chemistry

Prof. Polonca Trebše

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (Home Page)

Talk title: Compounds from personal care products as emerging contaminants in swimming pool waters


Prof. Erik Björn

Umeå University, Sweden (Home Page)

Talk title: Formation and bioaccumulation of methylmercury along vertical and spatial gradients in Baltic Sea waters


Environmental Toxicology

Dr. Kari Lehtonen

Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), Finland (Home Page)

Talk title: The use of biomarkers in monitoring and assessment of chemical contamination in the Baltic Sea


Dr. Randel Kreitsberg

University of Tartu, Estonia (Home Page)

Talk title: The effect of environmental pollution in Baltic Sea and North Sea on marine biota and cancer development in fish


Dr. Ivana Vinković Vrček

Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Croatia (Home Page)

Talk title: Endocrine disrupting activity of mixtures composed of pharmaceuticals and nanoplastic


Prof. Anita Jemec Kokalj

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (Home Page)

Talk title: The impact of microplastics on soil invertebrates


Green and Sustainable Chemistry

Prof. Aivaras Kareiva

Vilnius University, Lithuania (Home Page)

Talk title: A Chimie Douce route to layered double hydroxides


Dr. Rimantas Ramanauskas

Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania (Home Page)

Talk title: Electrodeposited Cu nanofoam structures for electrochemical CO2 reduction


Prof. Henrik Grénman

Åbo Akademi University, Finland (Home Page)

Talk title: Sustainable chemistry through catalysis and process intensification


Prof. Jean-Manuel Raimundo 

Aix-Marseille University – CiNAM (CNRS), France (Home Page)

Talk title: A brief journey on the world of heteracyclo[n]phanes, synthesis and CO2 adsorption


Implications and Applications of Nanomaterials

Prof. Vera Slaveykova

University of Geneva, Switzerland (Home Page)

Talk title: What phytoplankton species can tell us about the implications of engineered nanoparticles in the aquatic environment


Dr. Marina Krichevskaya

Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia (Home Page)

Talk title: Activity of Nanomaterials in Photocatalysis


Dr. Juri Bolobajev

Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia (Home Page)

Talk title: Pulsed corona discharge plasma combined with photocatalytic oxidation technology for the degradation of volatile organic compounds in air


Prof. Justina Gaidukevič

Vilnius University, Lithuania (Home Page )

Talk title: Nitrogen-Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide for Electrochemical Sensing Applications