Main features

Features of the SPS-200 software package
  • The executable runs under Microsoft Windows, but the LabVIEW diagrams can be run on a Macintosh as well
  • Step and Integrate or Rapid Scan operation
    • The most useful feature of the rapid scan option is probably the reduction of the dead time of data acquisition. Thus more scans can be performed at the same overall measurement time resulting in better baseline stability and signal to noise ratio
  • The SPS200 software is written in LabVIEW
    • The software is distributed as executable code, and there is no need for the user to buy a LabVIEW development environment
  • Automated data acquisition with simple command scripts
    • Extremely useful in organizing unattended automated measurement series
  • Modular structure
    • Permits the user to add application-specific LabVIEW virtual instruments (VI-s) without recompiling the SPS200 software, useful for experiment automation (sample changer, temperature and magnetic field sweeps, etc.)
  • Data acquisition and automation log-keeper
  • Data stored in ASCII format text files
    • Can be easily imported into other data evaluation software